Men's Fellowship

Men are welcome to choose from a number of weekly gatherings which range from a
relaxing time of coffee/tea/snacks, practical discussions and worship & prayer to a more
formal bible study setting.
Every Monday, 6:30-7:40am ……….. Men's Fellowship Meeting
Every Saturday, 8:00-9:15am ………. SWIF Business Men's Fellowship
Summer Friday Nights! ……….. SWIF Summer Bachelors
See the below for a brief introduction to each:

SWIF Men's Fellowship Calendar 

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Men's Fellowship Meeting

When:Every Monday, 6:30-7:40am (Except public holidays and international school holidays)
Where: Baker n Spice (Fashion Park Shopping Complex, next to SAS)
Men of SWIF get together to enjoy an informal setting with coffee and start the working week by discussing bible reading assignments given the previous week, encouraging each other to implement the word of God in practical ways, sharing life and prayer requests and praying for each other.

SWIF Business Men's Fellowship

When: Every Saturday, 8:00-9:15am (Except public holidays and international school holidays)
Working men get together at the end of a busy week to enjoy a relaxing time over coffee/tea/snacks. 

Where:  Where: 376 Xingle Lu Huacao Town, Minhang District

What we do:
- Praise & Worship
- Share what God is doing in our lives & the issues we face
- Encourage one another to lead a holy and victorious life
- Share prayer requests and pray for one another

Apart from these weekly meetings, men are invited to join other activities during the year, organized by the Shanghai Business Men’s Fellowship. 

SWIF Summer Bachelors

When: Every Friday night, only during summer
Where: Various homes and venues, depending on the weekly hosts.
Most other activities stop for the summer as international schools go on vacation and families travel out of the country. This leaves many men alone in Shanghai without
family for part of the summer. Every year, a schedule is drawn up of volunteers who host a Friday night at their house or at any venue of their choice. Men have a relaxing
time over diner and enjoy fellowship together. Though formed for summer bachelors, all men are welcome.

Men’s Fellowship Contact: Ian O’Connell