"God Healed Our Girl" - Cindy Sim-Shee

Thanksgiving for God's mercy, grace and healing

I want to share how I had been touched and deeply loved by my Lord, through so many people in the church family, both in shanghai, Singapore and many whom I do not know personally....

Ally fell (dropped) from L2 to L1 thru the gaps of the stairways railing abt 3 m of height on 23 Oct 2012. I was in my room when I heard to thud sound and I quickly rushed to check out what happened.  El was in the studies doing his school while Shae was playing by herself downstairs. I found Ally lying at the foot of the stairways on Level 1 and witness her slowly drifting into unconsciousness. She only let out a short soft cry before drifting away into unconsciousness.

Helplessly and hopelessly, I carried my baby and started screaming for help unto Jesus. I shouted for my helper to call Adrian. Adrian was than taking off to Los Angeles with a transit in Korea. Thank God I could reach him. He was already onboard the plan. He was probably unsure of what exactly was happening. He might be thinking that it was another bad day with the kids since i was screaming in the background. Helper then told him to urgently get our regular driver to send us to the hospital.

For the very 1st time in my life, I cling on so tightly to God helplessly praying for His mercy, protection and healing hands overly my little girl. I kept asking my 2 older ones to pray, don't stop praying. We needed to pray, we must pray, God can help. Only He can do it.

On the way to the clinic, Adrian's boss called to ask if there was anything he could do at the moment. My reply, " I don't know. But please, help me to pray, get people to pray for us. Only God can do something now." As for me, I only made a call out to a sister in church.

Upon reaching the clinic, I told the doctor (who is also a church friend) about what happened, he than suggested to make a trip to another hospital for a CT scan with me. Result showed a hairline crack on the skull and a slight bleeding in the brain. I just could not react to the seriousness of the scan but to continue to trust and pray and believe by faith which was than tough but yet the only thing that I could do.

We made our way to Shanghai Fudan Children's hospital to be admitted and for further observation and wait for the next scan 6hrs later to see if there was further bleeding in the brain. During these hrs of waiting there was nothing man can do expect to Pray.

In that short 1-2 hrs, thanks to advance technology, news of what happened to Ally spread so quickly. Many in church, both in SWIF and SCF, people who did not know us personally, knew and heard about what happened was praying for us! Adrian's brother who is a missionary in Thailand happened to be teaching a class of students prayed together with his students. He than made a called to his home church which he had pastored before, for prayers. Brothers and sisters here in shanghai also gathered togather to pray in unity. All from different countries, people who knew and did not know us all came together in unity, called on the same God, was praying for God's mercy and healing. This is the first time, I ever personally experienced such power and felt so loved and blessed to have this Big God covering over the little us.

Some sisters in church called to offer help with my 2 older kids, to bring food for us and necessities from my home to the hospital.

Many texted me verses, prayers and words of encouragement which I relied on through that entire day and night in the hospital.

Ally cleared her 2nd scan with no further bleeding but still had to stay for observation. Shortly after her 2nd scan, she was up on her feet happy and ready to explore. A big Amen and Thank you to The Lord!

Ally was discharged after 3 days, went through 3 ct scan 3 days later. There was no more for further followups. The healing will take a while and we leave that to God. We continue to pray and believe by faith that our mighty God who had protected her from such a fall. We pray that God will also in the same way dissolve all the risks that medical science says are associated with such scan results.

He did.

(Editor's note: Today Ally is a healthy, energetic and cheerful little girl with no hint of the trauma she went through. Thank God for His mercy!)