Hospice Care


Our “爱同行” Hospice ministry has been serving Xujing Hospital since 2012. Xujing hospital is a community hospital with 150+ elders and patients hospitalized. 


Our patients/elders centered activities include:

  1. Befriend with selected hospitalized patients and elders by visiting them once (1-2hours) weekly.

  2. Organize or assist weekly group activities with the elders and patients, e.g: calligraphy, hand crafts, knitting, flower planting, simple exercises, etc.

  3. Organize 2-3 big events each year for patients and elders.

We are always looking for volunteers to befriend with the patients/elders as well as to contribute to the small groups activities with your talents and skills.

Whether you are planning to commit on a short-term project or long-term basis, we will be grateful for your help. Or, if you need more information,

->> Please click here for the signup form. 

We will contact you as soon as we can. Thank you for your serving heart!

Address: Xu Jing Hospice. Qing Pu District. Xu Jing, 1088 Xu Min Road. 青浦区徐泾镇徐民路1088号 (not too far from SWIF)

For direction, please see map below: